New Materials

Create and edit materials for 3D assets

The platform allows users to create a wide range of materials such as: wood, stone, metal, plastic, rubber, glossy surfaces, etc. When creating the material, you must Name it, assign a Category and a Status. Assigning a category will help better manage materials when building the configurator, and having a status will help better keep track of what's draft and what's ready to go.

When creating a New Material, there are a few parameters that help define the 'feel' of the material.

TYPE: Flat, Fabric, Metal and Glossy.

Flat - it is a type of material suitable for wood, plastic or various composite materials that would not normally reflect or shine.

Fabric - simulates textiles, this is a specially built shader for clothing and works great with fabric textures.

Metal - it simulates metal-like surfaces and we recommend using it in combination with metal textures to reproduce the required material as accurately as possible.

Glossy - if you need shiny materials, chrome or glass this is the type of material to use.

SURFACE: Texture and Color.

Textures - Allows the use of textures in the material. Users can select a texture by filtering by category.

Colors - Allows the use of colors in the material by using the standard HEX color picker.

BUMP: Yes or No.

Yes - selecting Yes will simulate wrinkles on the surface of an object. It should be used, for example, for wood, stone materials where there is usually a bumpy surface.

No - selecting No will disable this material effect.

OPACITY: Adding material transparency will allow simulation of glass-based materials or other related transparent materials required by changing its percentage.

3D Preview

While creating the material, you can preview in real-time 3D to get an idea of how it will look on the final surface of the object. The 3D preview allows you to make small corrections until the material looks right. You can switch between "Plane", "Cube" and "Sphere" to test the material on different surface types.

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